Borsari Jewels

A brand with a strong personality that moves along in the furrow of contamination between jewellery and fashion.

The personality of our Brand

In love with beauty

The brand BORSARI who with Gieffe signs her jewels, is a clear cross-reference to the beauty and tradition of Verona, wonderful town, in which are set enviable artistic and architectural jewels.

Porta Borsari, the ancient Roman port of the I century. A.D. still retaining its original facade, gives the name and acts as a key to one of the most beautiful city avenues. In the past, right here was the junction between the main transport routes of the north-eastern Italy. So it naturally became a strategic and meeting place for merchants and commercial artisans.

Artisans and businessmen. Just like us, the Bonato Family of Gieffe Company, that with the brand BORSARI enters this beauty tradition made of craftmanship. This is the anchor on which we developed the technological experimentation and the will of innovation.

Every BORSARI jewel is a hand-made product made in Italy, thought for retail market, made with our semi-finished precious metals products just like silver and the more modern ones like stainless steel and silvered and enamelled copper.

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