The passion for the detail

Gieffe introduces its creations in the field of semi-finished jewellery products. They represent the accomplishment of which we are proud and whose manufacturing secrets we guard jealously. The contamination of different materials and kinds has brought us to the personalization of our manufacturing processes: absolutely unique.

We are not talking "only" of quality guaranteed materials, but of products with an innovative content, noticeably ductile, studied in the perspective of the development of original finished objects.

Some samples of our manufacturing

Milanese Mesh Manufacturing
An ensemble of metal wires are worked in a spiral to obtain this typical mesh in two versions: a flat one or a hollow tubular mesh.
Metals worked: gold in 14 and 18 K, sterling silver, Aisi 316 L steel and brass.

Mesh Manufacturing
Drawing our inspiration from the panty hose world, Gieffe is able to create: hollow tubular meshes, with a silicone or an acetate core, using only metal wires or braiding them with cotton, nylon threads, lurex and lame.
Metals worked: gold in 14 and 18 K, sterling silver, Aisi 316 L steel, silvered and enamelled copper, brass.

Wrapped Manufacturing
Metal wires or chains are wrapped around cores in steel or synthetic rubber.
Metals worked: gold in 14 and 18 K, sterling silver, steel, silvered and enamelled copper, brass.

Braided Manufacturing
By braiding only metal wires or alternating them with leather, synthetic rubber or polyester, we can obtain tubulars of various dimensions and suitable to the creation of fashion jewellery of various colours.
Metals worked: sterling silver, Aisi 316 L steel and silvered and enamelled copper.

TuboGas and Diamond-finishing millefili
The processing of the TuboGas consists in an encounter of "U" drawn-shaped wires which, by wrapping themselves, form a round tube available in various diameters.

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